PSMC for Providers

PSMC for Providers

The Patient Self-Management Credential (PSMC) is an online application that allows healthcare providers – such as pharmacists, physicians, certified diabetes educators, and others – to administer, score, and manage knowledge, skills and performance assessments to gain a comprehensive understanding of your patient’s ability to manage their diabetes. The results help you customize and effectively direct treatment and education for patients, resulting in better health and more cost effective outcomes..

The PSMC enables the provider to gain a comprehensive understanding of his or her patients' ability to manage their diabetes through real world application of knowledge, skills and performance. It can be customized for effective, direct treatment in patient populations, resulting in better, more cost effective outcomes for all patients.

In addition to helping you focus the time you spend with patients on the highest impact interventions, the PSMC can attract payers to your clinical services in a streamlined, efficient way by quantitatively demonstrating the impact your care has on patient self-management behaviors.

The PSMC will improve patient outcomes by increasing compliance with established care protocols, leveraging the provider they are in contact with most frequently. It will also improve the care that is provided to patients who must self-manage chronic disease by helping providers make the time they spend with patients more meaningful.

We are promoting access to this innovative chronic disease management tool, getting the PSMC into the hands of providers to use with patients in their practice by building an ecosystem, community, and network of enabled providers.

Not only do healthcare providers need to remain competitive in their respective marketplaces, they also need to position themselves to compete against independent companies in order to simultaneously access the spending power of consumers and maintain patient satisfaction.

We will provide you with a solution to help you develop new revenue streams for your healthcare practice, providing effective patient care services as a part of the integrated care process and increasing your value to payers and the system in total. 



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COMING SOON: Providers will be able to purchase the Patient Self-Management Credential for individual use. Stay tuned!