About the Patient Self-Management Credential (PSMC)

About the Patient Self-Management Credential (PSMC)

The PSMC for Diabetes has been an integral component of the APhA Foundation’s decade of research on diabetes care, which included aligned incentives, pharmacist integration into collaborative care teams, and a patient-centered focus that drives individual empowerment.  

Unlike traditional patient activation measures or tools, the PSMC supplies healthcare providers with targeted feedback about disease specific areas for focus and provides links to patient education resources that may be helpful to more efficiently and effectively address those needs. This ensures that the most appropriate level of care and targeted information is provided to patients based on their individual needs.

By categorizing patients into “beginner,” “proficient,” or “advanced” levels, which directly correlate with their need for additional health education, treatment, or services, patients can receive targeted education to fill the gaps in knowledge, skills, and performance in the self-management of chronic disease.

This program enables healthcare providers to gain a comprehensive understanding of their patient’s ability to manage their diabetes, and it can help customize care to be effective and direct across patient populations, resulting in better, more cost effective outcomes for all patients.

Looking for a solution to manage the challenges of chronic disease? Make your decision confidently to implement the PSMC, knowing your goals will be achieved with a system from the leading philanthropic pharmacist organization that has a 10-year history of research success.

Read our patient credentialing case study published in Population Health Management.

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