About Us

PSMS About Us

At the APhA Foundation, we believe there is a better way to deliver healthcare, one that integrates the patient care continuum using providers across all disciplines.


Our mission

The mission of the APhA Foundation is to improve people's health through pharmacists' patient care services. The APhA Foundation looks to create a new medication use system where patients, pharmacists, physicians and other health care professionals collaborate to dramatically improve patient health outcomes and the cost effectiveness of care.

The APhA Foundation has over 20 years of research that demonstrates how collaboration on the healthcare team and pharmacists’ patient care services impact healthcare. Learn more about our impact on patients nationwide.

The PSM Solutions Vision

Our Patient Self-Management Solutions further the mission of the APhA Foundation by arming the healthcare team, including pharmacists, with a unique tool that empowers collaboration and places the patient at the center of their own care.

The Patient Self-Management Credential has been a core component of our diabetes research for over 10 years. With its proven history and innovative approach, the PSMC empowers patients, providers and payers to improve access to quality healthcare for patients through engagement with their pharmacist.

Why our solutions?

As a leader in healthcare, the APhA Foundation helps improve people’s health by empowering pharmacists and the collaborative care team, and improves access to quality healthcare for patients across the U.S. through engagement with their pharmacist.

The APhA Foundation has a proven process model in which patients, primary care providers, pharmacists, and other healthcare professionals work together to empower patients to be effective self-managers of their health. This model has been utilized and refined within over 20 years of practice-based research.   

This care model includes pharmacist coaching and interventions related to medication therapy, lifestyle modifications, and ongoing chronic disease monitoring. The pharmacists and providers share an open line of communication and collaborate with their patients to set and achieve realistic health goals.

By creating the tools, methodologies and networks of providers to deliver clinical services, the APhA Foundation continues to develop new and innovative approaches to improve healthcare and produce better clinical outcomes, patient satisfaction and program effectiveness across all stakeholder groups. Visit www.aphafoundation.org for more information.

Ready to improve the health of your patient population?
Learn more about how the APhA Foundation’s Patient Self-Management Solutions can help you meet your outcomes, cost and satisfaction goals. Schedule a demonstration of the PSMC today.