Benefitting Patients

Benefitting Patients

In the past several years, consumers have taken more control of decisions regarding their healthcare due to the abundance of free medical content available online, the Affordable Care Act, and increase in out-of-pocket expenses.

A growing body of evidence shows that patients who are more actively involved in their healthcare experience better health outcomes and incur lower costs. Previously patients had limited involvement in their health, using health services and providers to reactively treat severe intermittent events rather than proactively working with care providers to promote their own overall wellness and prevent further illness or deterioration of their condition.

Patient Self-Management Solutions can help move patients away from being passive recipients of care to a collaborative relationship where patients are active partners in their own health. To do this, patients need to develop their knowledge, skills and confidence to make informed decisions and adapt their health-related behaviors.

PSM Solutions are supported by health professionals with the skills, expertise and confidence to make informed decisions, achieve their goals and overcome barriers.