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Patient Credentialing

Patient Credentialing as a Population Health Management Strategy: A Diabetes Case Study
Lindsay L. Watson, Benjamin M. Bluml, Alexandria Skoufalos
2014 – Population Health Management


Project IMPACT: Diabetes

Improving outcomes for diverse populations disproportionately affected by diabetes:  Final results of Project IMPACT: Diabetes
Benjamin M. Bluml; Lindsay L. Watson; Jann B. Skelton; Patti Gasdek Manolakis; Kelly A. Brock
September/October 2014 - JAPhA

Integrating pharmacists into diverse diabetes care teams: Implementation tactics from Project IMPACT: Diabetes
Lindsay L. Watson; Benjamin M. Bluml
September/October 2014 – JAPhA


Diabetes Ten City Challenge

Diabetes Ten City Challenge: Final economic and clinical results
Toni Fera, Benjamin M. Bluml, and William M. Ellis
April 2009 - JAPhA

The Diabetes Ten City Challenge: Interim clinical and humanistic outcomes of a multisite community pharmacy diabetes care program
Toni Fera, Benjamin M. Bluml, William M. Ellis, Cynthia W. Schaller, and Daniel G. Garret
February 2008 – JAPhA


Patient Self-Management Program for Diabetes

Patient Self-Management Program for Diabetes: First-Year Clinical, Humanistic, and Economic Outcomes
Daniel G. Garrett and Benjamin M. Bluml
February 2005 - JAPhA