Our Solutions

Patient Self-Management Credential Overview Video

The changing face of healthcare requires new and innovative approaches to improve outcomes and control costs. For healthcare providers, payers and benefits managers who want to provide high quality, customized care and treatment for patients at risk for complications of their chronic disease, the American Pharmacists Association (APhA) Foundation’s PSM Solutions include a groundbreaking patient empowerment strategy.

PSM Solutions are a custom configured solutions designed to fit your needs, and can include:

1. Patient Self-Management Credential (PSMC) for Diabetes

a. Population Risk Stratification: The PSMC identifies patients most at risk for diabetes complications and helps you prioritize resource allocation based on actual needs.
b. Mass Customization of Diabetes Care: The PSMC helps providers identify individual’s needs and target the education they provide to advance patients’ self-management abilities. This customization helps providers meet people where they are, resulting in better health and lower healthcare costs.

2. Care Delivery Partners
We have an established network of providers, readily accessible to your patient populations and trained on how to use our solutions to improve patient health.

3. IMPACT Data Management System
Our clinical and economic data aggregation and analysis platform can help clinicians, employers, and others bring health data together in one location to understand the true impact interventions have on clinical outcomes and overall cost.

4. Benefit Design Consulting Services
APhA Foundation experts are available to advise your team on how to best bring together the components of our solution to complement your existing wellness programs and health benefits.