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June 23, 2015

This week marks an important milestone for the APhA Foundation as we launch our innovative Patient Self-Management (PSM) Solutions. At the Foundation, we have been dedicating our time, resources, and mission for the past 20 years to designing and implementing proven solutions to strengthen the patient’s fight against diabetes and to lower the healthcare costs associated chronic disease. A decade ago, we created a tool that could play a major part of the solution: the Patient Self-Management Credential (PSMC) for Diabetes. We imagined a standardized assessment that would allow providers and payers to understand exactly where the patient needed assistance in three key areas: knowledge, skills, and performance. By encouraging payers to provide incentives to improve in these areas, we could help align employer goals with those of the most essential member of the healthcare team: the patient.

After a decade of perfecting and utilizing the PSMC and our innovative solutions in studies that prove its value, we are confident we have created a unique and patient-centered method that lowers costs for payers and keeps people with diabetes healthier and more productive. I am excited to see PSM Solutions available to payers, providers, and patients across America. We at the Foundation feel strongly we have developed a valuable set of solutions to combat costs and complications of diabetes. We hope you will read more about PSM Solutions and how they can help you win the fight against diabetes.

Please contact us if you would like to bring PSM Solutions to your beneficiaries or patients.

Mindy Smith, BSPharm, RPh
Executive Director, APhA Foundation